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Under the care of Northampton Transport Heritage is former Northampton Corporation 197 – DNH 197 a 1953 Daimler CVG6 with Park Royal Roe H30/26R bodywork. The bus was one of 5 (Nos 195-199) that broke with Northampton tradition by having a metal body framework built at Park Royal in London before the bus was driven to Leeds for Roe to panel and fit out the vehicle. The bus bears a close resemblance to the famous London RT bus that was bodied by Park Royal. No. 197 has not been used for many years and some major works are needed to return it to the road. These include an engine rebuild, new staircase, tyres, batteries and repainting. We have recently acquired a set of Northampton seats to replace non-standard seats that had been installed. We are actively raising funds for work to restore the bus and all donations are gratefully received.


No. 154 was new in 1947 as part of a batch of 20 buses (Nos 150-169) with bodywork built by Northern Coachbuilders. This was the largest single batch of buses delivered to the Corporation until one person operation was introduced in 1973. At the time these buses were built materials were still in short supply and in later life the bodywork tended to sag as the result of un-seasoned timber being used in the framing. No. 154 was withdrawn from passenger service in 1964 having “clocked up” some 620,790 miles in service in the town. It was retained for use as a driver training vehicle until 1969. It then had a brief period as a promotional vehicle until 1978 when it went into storage as St James bus depot. In 1990 the bus entered preservation with the 154 Preservation Group and over £15,000 has been spent on restoring and maintaining No. 154. The bus is now in the care of Northampton Transport Heritage.


The last traditional Northampton Transport bus and last in a batch of 5 buses (Nos 263-7) delivered in 1968. No. 267 has the distinction of being the last Daimler half cab bus, the last rear entrance bus without doors, the last pre-selector gearbox bus and the last Roe teak framed body to be supplied for the home market. For the years between 1964 and 1972 the Northampton Transport fleet of 88 buses was wholly compromised for this type of bus. This bus survived with the corporation long after the rest of the marque had been withdrawn from service and was even given a full repaint in 1985 when the seats were also re-upholstered. No. 267 continued to be retained for “special duties”. It was eventually withdrawn and entered preservation in October 1993 when First took over Northampton Transport. Since then over £20,000 has been spent on restoration and maintenance of the bus. The bus is now in the care of Northampton Transport Heritage.


One of a batch of 75 similar buses (Nos 711-785) delivered to First at Manchester between May and July 2002 for use in connection with the Commonwealth Games. Originally numbered 721 the bus was transferred to Northampton in October 2002 and along with 24 identical buses formed the hub of the First Northampton fleet for the next ten years. It gained fleet number 358 in the local numbering series and subsequently became 66334 in the First national numbering scheme. In 2012 most of the batch were transferred to First Eastern Counties for use in Norwich as part of a low emissions initiative. The bus spent much of its later years in Great Yarmouth area where it was withdrawn in March 2020 and sold to EnsignBus dealers before being acquired by NTH in June 2020. Restoration works are ongoing. This style of Wright bodywork was significant in being at the forefront of ‘easy access’ design.



The last of 5 buses (Nos 650-654) delivered in October 1990 in Stagecoach “stripes” livery with United Counties fleetnames. After a brief time at Northampton, 654 was allocated to Kettering depot whilst the other four went to Huntingdon. The bus became 14054 under Stagecoach renumbering. It later spend some time at Bedford depot before being withdrawn in 2010 and subsequently sold to Mortons Coaches of Tadley near Basingstoke who used who used it on rail replacement and school services. In 2016 the bus entered Mortons heritage fleet and regained Stagecoach livery with Hampshire Bus fleetnames. The bus was acquired for continuing preservation in May 2018 and no carries United Counties livery. The bus is now in the care of members of Northampton Transport Heritage and is made available to NTH as an associate vehicle.

No. 246 – BNH 246C – “Former Northampton Corporation Transport Daimler 246.”

The first in a batch of 6 buses (Nos. 246-251) delivered in 1965 and what had become the ‘standard’ Northampton Transport bus. It was numerically the first bus to have a saloon heating system. The bus was withdrawn in 1982 when it was one of only four half cab buses left in service with Northampton Transport. In 1987 it was purchased by the Provincial Traction Company and was hired to Travel Well Coaches (Luton) for use primarily on school contracts. It suffered a major engine failure in 1989. It was rescued for preservation from a scrapyard in 1993 and restored mechanically. Restoration has continued with work to the body and interior and it is intended to bring the vehicle back to the original specification.

No. RML2391 – JJD 391D – “AEC Routemaster R2RH/1 with Park Royal H40/32R body.”

Delivered to London Transport at Aldenham Works in December 1965 the bus was one of 524 ‘stretched’ Routemasters built and identifiable by the short window bay in the middle of the body. After a period in store at Poplar it entered service at West Ham garage on routes 5/A and 249/A in March 1966. Following a repaint and further period in store the bus was transferred to Stamford Hill and then saw service at a variety of garages including some time as a trainer at Tottenham garage in 1971. From the late 1980’s until withdrawn from service in September 2004 RML2391 was allocated to Tottenham garage. A Cummins engine was fitted in 1991 and the body refurbished in 1993. With privatisation the bus became part of the Leaside Buses fleet 1994 and this company became Arriva London North from 1998. Following withdrawal the bus was sold to Ensign (dealer) before being purchased by the present owner in May 2005. In 2012 it was loaned to Classic Bus North West and saw service in Blackpool.

No. 838 – FRP 892 – “United Counties Bristol KS5G with ECW L27/28R body.”

The Bristol ‘K’ series of buses was the standard Tilling Group double decker and was in production from 1937 to 1957 during which time a total of 4148 were built. United Counties took delivery of 140 ‘K’ types over the years and a further 99 were transferred into the fleet when the Midlands area of Eastern National was absorbed. This bus was delivered to United Counties in December 1950 as their Fleet No. 692, being renumbered to 838 in March 1952. When new the bus was allocated to Wellingborough depot and later moved to Bedford, Hitchin and Northampton. It was taken out of service in January 1970 and sold to Syd Twell, a dealer, and was then purchased for preservation by the current owner.