NTH Events Calendar

We are now building up our events for this year, and after the last few years we are running almost as normal. The only obvious problem we have is the cost of fuel running the vehicles, so any donations to allow us to store, maintain and run them would be most gratefully received, plus we can get Gift Aid on most donations which increases any donation by 25%.


As part of our Charity status, we participate in community events and educational visits to schools. We also try and support other preservation groups who, in turn, support NTH. In many of these instances we will have a sales and information stand. These activities will not be considered to be members outings and will not, generally, carry passengers to or from the venues. There are many reasons for this not least that the bus will often be loaded with stock and will need to be at the event long before the public are admitted so that the stall can be setup. We cannot have unnecessary visitors where we keep the buses and it is often not practical to run into Northampton to collect passengers as this adds time onto the day. These are already long days for our helpers and adding another couple of hours onto their day is not conducive to encouraging volunteers! It has been suggested that we also run another bus for members but this will then require another driver and conductor and also increase our costs and may mean attending the event and promoting NTH is no longer viable.     


For event trips the bus will normally pick up from Victoria Street, Northampton and return there at the end of the day. Departure and anticipated return times (unless shown in the event below) will be notified nearer to the date once details are finalised. Remember that some of the trips will involve entrance charges and we do not include these.

If you are interested in joining us on any of the days below please let us know, preferably by email to NTHeritage@talktalk.net or by text to 07816 676 175. Remember to say who you are and which trip you want to come on. Details will then be confirmed to you a short while before the event date.

When attending a trip, please remember to bring your Membership card with you or you may be denied travel. Please have it ready to show the conductor when you board.


We regret that we are unable to carry dogs on our vehicles except for registered assistance dogs.


Please note that all trips are subject to availability of the vehicle(s) and being able to provide a crew for the bus(es).


We look forward to seeing you.


All Dates subject to confirmation nearer the time, but below are the events that we have planned for

Events updated 27th November 2023


That is all for this year, another busy year at many events. 2024 Events will appear here when we have them confirmed.  Thank you for your support in 2023