No. 66334 – MV02 VBZ “Volvo B7L with Wright Eclipse B41F+33 body”

One of a batch of 75 similar buses (Nos 711-785) delivered to First at Manchester between May and July 2002 for use in connection with the Commonwealth Games. Originally numbered 721 the bus was transferred to Northampton in October 2002 and along with 24 identical buses formed the hub of the First Northampton fleet for the next ten years. It gained fleet number 358 in the local numbering series and subsequently became 66334 in the First national numbering scheme. In 2012 most of the batch were transferred to First Eastern Counties for use in Norwich as part of a low emissions initiative. The bus spent much of its later years in Great Yarmouth area where it was withdrawn in March 2020 and sold to EnsignBus dealers before being acquired by NTH in June 2020. Restoration works are ongoing. This style of Wright bodywork was significant in being at the forefront of ‘easy access’ design.
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