No. 267 – JVV 267G “Daimler CVG6 with Roe H33/26R body.”

The last traditional Northampton Transport bus and last in a batch of 5 buses (Nos 263-7) delivered in 1968. No. 267 has the distinction of being the last Daimler half cab bus, the last rear entrance bus without doors, the last pre-selector gearbox bus and the last Roe teak framed body to be supplied for the home market. For the years between 1964 and 1972 the Northampton Transport fleet of 88 buses was wholly compromised for this type of bus. This bus survived with the corporation long after the rest of the marque had been withdrawn from service and was even given a full repaint in 1985 when the seats were also re-upholstered. No. 267 continued to be retained for “special duties”. It was eventually withdrawn and entered preservation in October 1993 when First took over Northampton Transport. Since then over “20,000 has been spent on restoration and maintenance of the bus. The bus is now in the care of Northampton Transport Heritage.

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