Welcome to our new revamped website

As you can see we have a new website. Behind the scenes we are still working on the updates to details that will gardually appear on the site. Covid-19 lockdown still applies to all our planned events, however we are now working on events post the proposed key date of June 21st 2021 – so…
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Future Events Please read these important notes.

Covid19 – Coronavirus The Committee are keeping the situation under regular review and will naturally follow all Government advice as the situation progresses. The current position is that we have cancelled all events this year but we do hope to be able to carry out some trips later in the year. There will be restrictions…
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Coronavirus Update – 22nd October 2020

As the current Covid-19 situation continues we have considered the options available to us. In common with most enthusiasts groups and Museums all our public events have been cancelled for the rest of this year. In the hope that things will improve for 2021 we are putting together a programme for next year and this…
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Sponsorship Opportunities – Advertising on the sides of our buses.

We have external advertising panels available for sponsorship on the sides, front and rear of our Daimler 267 and sides and rear of First Northampton 66334. Adverts must be provided by the sponsor and be ‘period’ appearance in keeping with the vehicle. For more details please contact Phil Curtis at

Sponsorship Opportunities

Northampton Transport Heritage was formed in September 2017 to secure the future of three former Northampton Corporation Transport Daimler double deckers. Two of these classic buses – 154 (ANH 154) and 267 (JVV 267G) – are in regular use whilst the third – 197 (DNH 197) – is in need of considerable renovation. We also…
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