Jeyes of Earls Barton now selling NTH merchandise.

If you are in the vicinity of Jeyes in Earls Barton, Northampton, they now have an area for us to display and sell products in aid of our group. The shop also sells other local items and has a coffee shop.

Preliminary Event Schedule 2021

Subject to all the usual Covid-19 rules our provisional events scheduled are now on our Event pages, but again still all subject to the removal of any lockdown on June 21st. No vehicles have been allocated on the Event lists yet, we will confirm which vehicle nearer the time.

2021 Event Update

You will notice that there have been a number of changes to our plans. As the vaccination programme appears to be taking effect and the Government have announced the ‘Route out of Lockdown’, we now have dates we can work to. One effect of the announcement is that many groups and museums have been revising…
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2021 Event Calendar

There have been a number of publications advertising some of our events later this year, at the moment no event is officially on, we are still waiting for confirmation of some of the events from the local authority and other organisers. We also have to wait and see what happens after the local elections on…
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Welcome to our new revamped website

As you can see we have a new website. Behind the scenes we are still working on the updates to details that will gardually appear on the site. Covid-19 lockdown still applies to all our planned events, however we are now working on events post the proposed key date of June 21st 2021 – so…
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