ANH 154

ANH 154

Back in February this year we sent 154 away to H C Davis & Sons of Corby for a service and to fix a loss of power issue.

Amongst other things Davis’s diagnosed a sticking valve and injectors needing replacing. A complete top engine rebuild was accomplished after a few hiccups sourcing new replacement parts.

By the time 154 was put back together Covid had arrived, which meant 154 was stranded and locked down in Corby with no way of being retrieved due to restrictions.

Though safe and secure she has been stabled outside for all these weeks and we have been desperate to get it back under the cover of our own storage facility.

An opportunity to repatriate 154 presented itself today, now the restrictions have eased slightly. It drove back very well and performed as it should do.

Now back to full fitness it’s back home and under cover and awaiting a time where our volunteers can get cleaning and preparing her for an event yet to be allowed.

These type of repairs don’t come cheap and have made a significant dent in our limited finances but H C Davis have looked after us and reduced costs where they could.

So we would like to place on record our thanks to Henry and the team for their craftsmanship, knowledge and hospitality.