No. 154 – ANH 154 “Daimler CVG6 with NCB H30/26R body.”

No. 154 was new in 1947 as part of a batch of 20 buses (Nos 150-169) with bodywork built by Northern Coachbuilders. This was the largest single batch of buses delivered to the Corporation until one person operation was introduced in 1973. At the time these buses were built materials were still in short supply and in later life the bodywork tended to sag as the result of un-seasoned timber being used in the framing. No. 154 was withdrawn from passenger service in 1964 having “clocked up” some 620,790 miles in service in the town. It was retained for use as a driver training vehicle until 1969. It then had a brief period as a promotional vehicle until 1978 when it went into storage as St James bus depot. In 1990 the bus entered preservation with the 154 Preservation Group and over £10,000 has been spent on restoring and maintaining No. 154. The bus is now in the care of Northampton Transport Heritage.
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